Dream a little dream,
Catch a rising star.
Take the time to figure out
who you really are.
Listen to that inner voice
who's calling out to you.
Change is good. Take a risk.
Watch your dreams come true.,
c. 1991


Sitting here thinking of so many things.
Some tears, some smiles these thoughts do bring.
Thoughts of people in general, both friends and foe.
About places I’ve visited and places to go.
About what to do and what to say,
to so many people I meet every day.
Some answers to questions these thoughts may find.
Just sitting here thinking of what’s on my mind.

Revere Beach, Mass
July 1982
c. 1989

Love Is Hard
Why's love so hard?
Why'd it have to turn out this way?
Will I ever trust a single thing you do or say?
Or believe where you say you've been?
You can turn the pages forward and never look back.
You can forgive but you can never forget.
So many promises broken over again.
I need some time to heal -
Some time to feel -
Some time to see -
Some time to be.
c. 2002

Merry Christmas

Christmas is that time of year,
There's peace and love thoughout the air.
A time for sharing and happiness too.
Merry Christmas from someone who really loves you.


What would I do without my friends
I hope I'll never know.
They're always there to listen
and they help me as I go.
A lot of things are new to me,
They've helped me right along.
They've taught me not to be so weak
and helped me to be so strong.
I love them all so very much.
I hope they are aware.
What will I do some day in time,
If none of them are there?
c. 1989


I'd like to make a difference in this life
I live today.
I'd like to learn so many things, with luck,
I'll have my way,
Money seems to be the cause when goals
are not achieved.
I'm trying to be patient and
Learning to believe.
The day will come, I'll have to wait,
For my dreams to be.
They say this is America -
"Land of Opportunity."

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