Tap Dance Stories


I hope you can be my friend for now.
But I'm not too sure you even know how.

If you think that I want you, you're definitely right.
But I'll hold  no strings to tie you tight.

Just be my friend for now if you can.
I'm not trying to make you a one-woman man.

But if in time you want me around.
You know who I am and where I am found.
c. 1989

My Soul Mate

Let me take a moment to write a few thoughts down.
These thoughts are meant to make you smile and not to make you frown.

We’ve known each other many years, with many more to come.
We’ve done a lot of crazy things and had ourselves some fun.

There were some sad and glad times too…I never will forget,
The times we were together or the first time that we met.

And still our friendship has survived and hope it always will.
For in my heart and in my soul, please know I love you still.

Too bad we live so far apart it has been said by few.
Who knows, some day when we grow old, it could be me and you.

More Than A Friend

I have this friend, but I'd like him to to be
More than just a friend to me.

We've known each other for a while,
He has a very sexy smile.

We've been together once or twice.
He's always been so very nice.

We talk and talk and talk all night.
About lots of things both wrong and right,

I hope in time that he will be
More than just a friend to me.