Sunday, September 4, 2011


A spontaneous thought came to me to find my first love. I had no idea where he was. I googled his name but nothing. Then I tried his brothers name and the 4th one I tried calling I got lucky and had them call my love to see if he would see me. The first time was a quick lunch and a walk through our wedding album. And now its the beginning of a new romance. I love him now more than I did when we were first married. What a sad mistake we made getting divorced. It's saddens me so much to think of what we could of had. I pray everyday we find our way back to each other in time. On 9/4/11 at 4:00pm we mentally renewed our vows to each other. Sounds weird I know but we pre-set the time and and date and when it came we got married again on the inside. My heart and soul with always belong to you my love. 143 4ever....

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